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plant categories - trees

Whether you want trees for shade, evergreens for year-round interest, or an ornamental specimen, Pine Hill Nursery has a wide selection, including birch, beech, maple, oak, honeylocust, crab apple, hawthorn, flowering cherry, dogwood, Japanese maples, and many, many more! In fact, we carry more than 150 varieties of trees!

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Shrubs can dress up and soften your home, help provide a focal point, or provide privacy. We carry more than 200 varieties of shrubs, from the small to the large. There are conifers, holly, rhododendron, boxwood, and other evergreens for year-round interest. If you love flowering shrubs, we have an extensive selection including many varieties of viburnums, hydrangeas, lilacs, spirea, weigela, natives and many others. We'll help you pick the perfect plants for your space.

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perennial flowers for northern MichiganPine Hill carries more than 700 varieties of perennials suited for northern Michigan. We have the all time favorites like daylilies, hosta, coneflowers, iris, blackeyed susan, peonies, and tall summer phlox, all in a huge variety of colors and sizes.

But you'll also find some of those 'hard to find' plants that you drool over in the gardening magazines! We have lots of the newest heuchera introductions, as well as tiarellas, helleborus, and the new brunneras. Or how about astrantia, aconitum (monkshood), and the varietaged jacob's ladder.

You'll also find a selection of natives and wildflowers such as trillium, virginia bluebells, mayapple, and many others.

Have shade? We carry over 50 varieties of hosta, and a huge selection of ferns.

Annual Bedding Plants
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Annual bedding plants for gardening

We grow most of our annuals and hanging baskets and many of our perennials and shrubs from seed and cuttings in our Kewadin greenhouses. So we are not just a local retailer, but also a local grower!

See us for unique and unusual choices,  as well as the old stand-bys, including Cleome, Nigella, Verbena Bonariensis, Many not carried anywhere else in Northern Michigan.

We carry fabulous hanging baskets, everything you need to create fabulous containers, tropicals, Proven Winners, Wave Petunias  and more.

vegtables and herbs for sale to plantCheck out our selection of annual bulbs including lilies, dahlia, gladiolus and more.

Veggies and Herbs
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We have an entire greenhouse dedicated to a large selection of veggies and herbs, all the basics plus some unique and unexpected plants like stevia and pineapple sage or tasty pimento or big bomb peppers.

We grow all our veggies and herbs from seed and cuttings.

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We carry small fruits such as raspberry, blackberry,grapes and strawberry plus more unusual small fruits such as highbush cranberry quince and nannyberry.

native grasses for your gardenGrasses
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Ornamental grasses are the perfect way to add texture, movement and interest to your northern Michigan landscape. PineHill carries dozens of varieties, from those that are only a foot tall, to the towering giants.Grasses are low maintenance, and add interestfrom late spring all the way through the long northern winter.

Water Plants
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We carry a full mix of water plants, including oxygenators, edge plants, and focal points.

We also have pond liners, pumps, fountain heads, and water treatment products. Or if you want to create a container water garden, we have a variety of decorative pots suited to water gardening.

Tropical plants and vines for gardeningTropical
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Orchids, lemon trees, gardenia standards, Mandeville, fig, Kumquat trees and more. Plants you’ll find no-where else up north! We also carry specialty houeplants, bonsai, and topiary for those who do their best gardening indoors!

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Ornamental vines twining through a trellis or arbor are a great way to soften a landscape and add vertical interest. Pine Hill carries dozens of ornamental vines, suited for a wide variety of uses. Stop in and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you choose one that's right for your needs!

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We offer the area's largest selection of ground covers, including  "Foot-Friendly Steppables". Ground covers are a great way to reduce the area that you need to mow, and to dress up areas around trees, shrubs, and stepping stones.

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Bulbsbulbs to plant
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We carry a large selection of spring and summer blooming bulbs, corms and tubers and the fertilizers that get them started.

Native Plants
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We carry the largest selection of Native plants in Northern Michigan . Native plants are reliable as they are well adapted to our difficult growing conditions. You’ll find native plants are low maintenance to grow; able to deal with extremes of wet and drought, cold and extreme heat.

Why choose native plants?
Evolved to do well in our environment
Tolerate adverse conditions (drought and extreme cold)
Are adapted to our climate and soils
Develop deep root systems that hold and rebuild the soil and work as filtering systems
Naturally disease and pest resistant
Provide food and habitat for wildlife
Roots are deeper and superior in absorbing water, preventing erosion
Trap sediments and absorb excess nutrients such as phosphorus

native plants for northern michigan

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